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Mike Pauly

30th Sept

This afternoon Mike is about 15 km south of Gunnedah approaching the small town of Curlewis.

It is starting to warm up a bit so he has decided to walk for a while during the evening.

Gunnedah to the next stop, Quirindi, is about 83 km.

I have been asked when Mike started this epic journey and I put this question to Mike.

The response I got was nothing short of amazing and I won’t go into it here even if I could recall all the events. Talk about false starts.

Suffice to say that the journey so far would amount to about 10 months of walking.

Where to next?

Well his wife is in Tasmania visiting her son so after Newcastle it is down the coast through Victoria then to Tasmania.

One of the sheds there will look after him during his stay then back to Victoria and across the Nullabor (does this guy ever rest?)

I have spoken to a friend who works for one of the newspapers in the Hunter Valley, one of the many Fairfax papers stretching from Newcastle to Muswellbrook and they will keep an eye out for Mike when he gets near.


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