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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart

The Vice President of VMSA spent some time with Mike and his email is below.

And some photos of his visit to Rosedale Mens Shed are attached.

It seems that making his way through Melbourne may be a bit difficult.

To me the train is a good option for travelling through a major city.

It seems that travel on the motorways may be out and that only leaves the smaller more congested roads.

Brian Durrant

Zone 7 Coordinator

Dear All,

Just to keep you all in the loop. I caught up with Mike as he was entering Traralgon. He went to the Traralgon Shed and then on to the caravan park just about 6km out of Traralgon on the west side on the highway. What we had not realised is that on some parts of the highway even here he is not allowed to walk. With the great help of the Traralgon Shed we have been able to provide with map to follow to the Trafalgar Shed. He has to divert through Morwell and the side roads to Moe and then on to Trafalgar. Which is quite a pain for him.

I hope he is safely ensconced in the Park Lane Caravan Park, next to Grant’s Caravans, having a rest, a cleanup and also doing his washing.

I misunderstood Mike this morning when he said he was just about 7.5km out of Traralgon, I thought he meant on the west side of Traralgon. Actually it was on the east side of Traralgon. So I went into Morwell on the old Melbourne road, the way he will have to go and the back into Traralgon. We finally made contact and I gave him a nice cup of hot coffee, before he walked to the Traralgon Shed. The Shedders were pleased to see him and made him welcome.

When I was driving to catch up with Mike I saw a sign saying cyclists and animals allowed in smaller print but not pedestrians, further along another just said no animals and then further it was no pedestrians. Back at the Shed I contacted the police and they did not know what the rules are and to contact Vic. Roads. I did this but the local office is closed of course, so I rang the Emergency Number, they advised that there are rules on the road signs which must be followed, but they could not help with the local scene. They advised that I have to wait until Monday and that we had to apply for a permit to walk along the highway and it may not be allowed and there are only a few spots where this can happen!

Mike is happy to get to Trafalgar on Monday, but I will review the situation with Brian and Mike after I have found out more information on Monday morning. Mike was quite happy to catch a train to Melb. from Berwick because of having to divert to Narre Warren and then to Dandenong and follow the old Princes Highway. He has family in various places in Melb. and wishes to also spend time with them, so the diversion by train is not going to worry him and as well he used to live in Melb. and knows his way around.



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