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Mike Pauly, Adelaide to Perth


At the moment Mike is 9 km away from Snowtown which some may remember as the town where some brutal murders were carried out.

None of the perpetrators were locals.

It is now becoming well known for it’s wind farms and the ability to generate power.

Mike met up with the reporter from the Country Times and they had a good chat.

While in Port Wakefield Mike found a Mens Shed which is not part of the AMSA family but he had some time with some of the members.

This morning Mike met up with a cyclist from Sweden who started out from Freemantle, went up to Darwin and now travelling south. He gave Mike the names of his friends in Freemantle and asked Mike to look them up when he gets home.

It is very hot at the moment and not much in the way of shade to be had either.

He is looking forward to bedding down for the night at the local caravan park.

Mike has told me that apart from being uncomfortable, tired and hot-he has no other news to pass on until tomorrow so we will leave him to face the bitumen.


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