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Mike Pauly

29th Sept

Mike is at Gunnedah tonight, staying in a caravan park, for free to boot I think.

Very persuasive guy.

He has had a quiet day and certainly sounds more rested.

Although the leg is better it is still giving him some problems but I think he will be taking it easy from here on so that when he reaches Newcastle he will be able to do all the things he wants to.

He arranged an interview with the local press and was waiting for them to arrive as we were speaking.

I have been in touch with the newspaper covering from Muswellbrook to Newcastle so we should have good coverage as Mike advances.

I think I mentioned that Singleton have offered to put Mike up for the night in the shed where there are all the facilities available and once again thanks to the Singleton guys.

Subject to Mikes schedule that is but I am sure he will take time out to honour the offer.


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