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Mike Pauly


I spoke to Mike this afternoon and he was at the Hopetown Men in Shed's where they may have had to cater for a vegetarian for the first time.

There was a bit of head scratching for a while but all things worked out well in the end and Mike may have even been washing up when I rang so that would have been a good excuse to hand the duty over to someone else.

When he was considering visiting the Shed and rejected the idea it was when he was approaching a turn off to Hopetown along the Highway but he considered it too far out of the way to walk.

When he had the offer from the Surveyor yesterday to drive there he accepted immediately.

This will give him a chance to rest the legs a bit and get all his gear dry.

Another important task will be to stock up on his food supply because it is another long journey to the next town after he leaves Ravensthorpe -115 km to Jerramungup to be precise.


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