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Mike Pauly, almost home


Yesterday I was talking to Mike and he suddenly yelled out that a car almost ran into him.

He certainly sounded rattled and said that the cars left hand wheels were on the dirt so it was a deliberate move to at least frighten him and it certainly did that.

As you can see it would have to be deliberate to have the left hand wheels on the dirt.

This afternoon Mike is in Northam where he plans to spend the night and hopefully catch up with the Shed Members tomorrow morning.

He has spent some time in Macca’s enjoying some good food and coffee.

After visiting the Shed it is homeward bound and he plans to be there by Wednesday.

There are many things he has to attend to before he heads off to Bali for his daughters wedding on 14th May.

When he returns he has an appointment to sing with a group called Voicemale on the 3-5th June.

Just how many strings does this man have to his bow?

After that he is going to Esperance to continue his trip as the original journey he intended to take did not happen

If you recall he copped a drowning and at that time he even had the mobile drowned.

At the time he was supposed to turn left at Norseman, head down to Esperance then turn right and follow the coast home.

Instead from Norseman he had to turn right and head to Kalgoorlie to have the phone replaced.

I think that as he nears home a little impatience may creep in which is understandable. It is also very disappointing and somewhat demoralising that he has lost many memories of his trip when his camera was stolen.


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