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Mike Pauly


Mike is making his way up the mountain on his way to Murrurundi. It will be a great feeling when he reaches the top and can look down to the finish line for the day.

Ray Shoobert from Murrurundi Shed has offered to accommodate Mike for the night and I think Mike will really appreciate the home cooked meal, shower and comfortable bed after todays effort-Ray thank you and your wife very much for your hospitality.

Mike had hoped he could find somewhere to watch the AFL Grand Final today but I think that he may have been fortunate to miss the opportunity to see his team come in second.

Mike might take some time tomorrow morning to do some running repairs to his faithful chariot, I think he has a couple of broken spokes and a puncture to fix.

Lets hope that there is a bike shop in town or he may have to rely on country peoples ability to make do.

Next stop is Scone and I hope the Shedders can provide Mike with a warm welcome, Noel you and your members are up next.


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