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Mike Pauly


Mike at the moment is about 5 km out of Muswellbrook after travelling from Scone.

The shedders from Aberdeen met with Mike and they sat themselves down in the local park for a chat.

Aberdeen is about halfway between Scone and Muswellbrook.

Mike enjoyed this break from the road trip.

During this the local publican came over and told Mike that had he known he would have offered free board and lodging for the night and Mike noted that offer in his diary in case he does another round trip(likely)

Spent the last two nights under the stars which is sometimes a nice change.

Hoping to catch up with Muswellbrook shedders shortly.

Next stop will be Singleton, about 47 km, a bit of an ask so it may take a couple of easy days to get there.

John from Singleton has been preparing for Mikes visit and things are falling into place.


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