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Mike Pauly


Mike has just left Muswellbrook where he spent the night in a caravan park.

Whilst there he has had his phone and router stolen which is most unfortunate and leaves a nasty taste in one’s mouth to think that someone would do that.

After a lengthy visit to the local Telstra shop he is back on the air.

It doesn’t take long for the bush telegraph to go into action.

There is a local Facebook Community group and apparently it was very active with Mikes visit.

As Mike was purchasing his new mobile a woman approached him and offered payment to assist.She had been reading the Facebook page.

Not sure how far he will travel during the remainder of the day as he is walking into headwinds and it is starting to rain.

Hopefully he can make Singleton by tomorrow afternoon as the Shedders there have prepared the Shed for Mike to stay overnight.


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