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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart



At the moment Mike has reached Asquith, one of the most Northern suburbs of Sydney.

I checked the distance he has done today and couldn’t understand how he walked, according to my map, about 80 km, he must have been striding it out.

Mike explained that he had been picked up off the Motorway by a road crew and driven towards Sydney after a detour north again then back towards Sydney.

I think at this point the police had directed him off the Motorway.

His actual walking distance has been about 35-40 km.

After the road crew dropped him off he travelled over strange roads and again finished up on the Motorway and once again was directed off by the police.

He thinks he has about another 12 km to travel to nearest Caravan Park where he can camp and get some washing done.

I am hoping that we can have some shedders shout him a cuppa during his walk, or even meet up with him to say hello.

Brian and Ron, could you check with your sheds if they would be able to meet up with him if he is close enough.

He told me he is taking the Pacific Highway into Sydney so I assume that he will then take the Princes Highway all the way to Melbourne.

For those unaware, he plans to walk to Melbourne then to Tasmania (It counts if he keeps walking while on the ferry).

He will then return to Melbourne then west over the Nullabor Plains and home to Freemantle.

I believe that while in Newcastle he met someone who is going to meet him on the Nullabor and walk about 100 km with him, nothing like a casual stroll to clear the cobwebs.



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