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Mike Pauly


Mike is currently at Gordon, northern suburbs of Sydney. Only travelled about 10 km today.

Mike has a problem with front wheel assembly and is reluctant to travel much further in its present condition.

He said that a piece of wire (that magical piece of wire that fixes anything) would give a temporary fix.

I am trying to contact the nearest shed, but it would happen to be a Sunday of all days, to arrange repairs tomorrow.

The nearest shed has a lot of metalwork equipment so I have suggested to Mike that this may be his best option.

The have a utility so hopefully they can pick Mike and trolley up, trundle back to the shed and carry out necessary repairs.

He is looking for somewhere to park for the night but sometimes choices for this in a big city are sometimes limited.

And speaking of limited choices, I just got a call and he will be bunking down in a cemetery tonight.

Not real sure who will spook who during the night.

Might have to call the “Ghostbusters”


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