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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart


Many thanks to Kevin Callinan, President of Ku-ring-gai Community Mens Shed and Chairman of AMSA, who arranged for Mike and his trolley to be picked up this morning and transported to the shed where they carried out the necessary repairs. Kevin, our thanks to you and the guys from the Shed.

Kevin and Mike sat down to a cuppa and swapping of many stories while the trolley was being operated on.

Mike was on his way after the repairs were finished but his day of travelling did not amount to much.

He did intend crossing the Harbour Bridge to access the southern suburbs but the stairs do not lend themselves to trolleys such as Mike has.

The alternative is going around Sydney thus avoiding all the congestion he would encounter via the Pacific Highway.

Thankfully he passed a Macca’s where he indulged in a good feed and being a salad it probably was a good feed.

He has now camped for the night as there appears to be a big storm forecast for later this evening.


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