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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart


I haven’t spoken to Mike today but I do know that he had a slow start, maybe it was the weather.

I believe that eventually he received a lift because one minute he was still in the suburb of Gordon and next time I checked he showed up in the suburb of Newtown some 21 km away.

That was at 1:26 this afternoon so I have no idea how far he will travel for the rest of the day.

One of the problems travelling through a major metropolitan area is finding a suitable place to camp for the night.

If I could contact him then I might be able to guide him to a suitable place as I was able to do yesterday afternoon.

His phone battery is showing as low and that could be caused by extensive cloud cover not allowing his solar cell to function properly.

Another problem he faces is finding somewhere to shower and to wash some clothes.

That is where I am hoping one of the shedders along the way might be able to help out.

To the Zone Coordinators, whose areas Mike will pass through, please contact your sheds to see if you can assist.

As I have said before, Mike will be travelling along the Princes Highway all the way to Melbourne( now watch him make a liar of me).


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