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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart


Well Mike had the trolley fixed and was on his way yesterday morning.

The footpath started out OK but soon became rather unnavigable and the trolley came to grief.

There appeared to be something wrong with the brakes.

So Mike bundled the trolley onto the train with the aim of getting to Newtown where there are bike shops that might assist.

When trying to change trains at Central he found the exit on the opposite side to the one he got on and couldn’t manipulate the trolley so he had to continue to Strathfield where he finally changed trains to take him back to Newtown.

When he got there he had to visit three bike shops to get all the work done to fix the trolley.

In the meantime, with all the cloud his solar cell wasn’t charging the phone so I had lost contact during all these episodes.

Eventually Mike was on his way again and managed to make it to a park on the southern side of Cooks River, the suburb being Arncliffe where he spent the night.

This morning he was on his way again and as he was passing a motor dealership a guy who was washing cars invited Mike in for a coffee.

Wasn’t long before a crowd gathered and a customer who had their car in for service invited Mike to spend the night with them.

A great opportunity to luxuriate under a nice hot shower, get some washing done and sleep in a bed (what a luxury).

In the morning Mike will be driven to the dealership where he left the trolley and be on his way again.

I have heard from a shed on the South Coast who are waiting for Mike and there is an offer of lodgings awaiting him.


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