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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart

Mikes stay to Shoalhaven Heads is probably one he will forget quickly.

He went to a Caravan Park and inquired about a site for his tent.

When he was told $35 to pitch the tent he left feeling disgruntled, and disappointed that someone could charge so much for a few blades of grass.

After leaving the site he met up with someone and was explaining the experience.

This gent said that if Mike would meet him back at the Park, he would pay the fee.

Mike returned to the Park but the manager said that he knew nothing and that it must be the “other” park.

Mike duly went there and lo and behold the site had been paid for. When Mike explained his situation the Manager quickly refunded the $20 fee.

So here he was, $20 richer and a free site for the night.

But what a night, it rained all night.

Needless to say that the tent, sleeping bag and Mike got a thorough drenching.

The days walking covered almost 20 km from Shoalhaven Heads to Nowra.

Back on 31/10 at Wollongong, Mike met up with a few friends from the Festival of Music.

Some of them are from Nowra and Mike will be staying overnight at their place-another night in a bed, sheer heaven I guess.

They live about 20 km out of Nowra and will drop Mike back in the morning to pick up the trolley.


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