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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart


After spending the night at friends place in Sanctuary Point Mike was driven back to Nowra to collect his trolley and be on his way.

It wasn’t until almost 9:30 am that he finally made his move, a late start for Mike and it slows down his travels.

He covered about 22 km today and finished at Tomerong where he is spending the night as guest of one of the AMSA-NSW Committee members.

They met up a little while ago and are now probably enjoying a good yarn.

Tomerong is a village of about 500 people and you can have a tour of the town here-

His hosts from last night sent him on his way with a delicious looking sandwich (photo 1) which I guess he wishes he could have every day.

Another photo shows a place called Falls Creek where there is bush either side of the Highway.

Third photo is I think is an in joke between Mike and one of his neighbours so we will leave that alone.

Tomorrow he will probably need an early start as he has been offered a caravan annexe for the night which is about 40 km down the highway at a place called Ulladulla.

With the weather being unpredictable as it is, every offer like this is worth accepting.


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