Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart

November 6, 2015

After an early night and then an early morning rise, which included Mikes host, Mike got a good start to the day.

He didn’t get very far before another dreaded puncture which took time to fix.

Almost on his way again and a car came very close to Mike and startled him to the extent he went base over apex,(or if you wish to describe it in another way that’s fine) taking some skin off his knee as a result.

Maybe the car driver was unaware of what happened as he/she did not stop to offer any assistance. A couple of ladies did stop to render assistance after they stopped some way down the road.

There was nowhere else for them to pull over as the road was a bit narrow.

Shortly after Mike was on his way again, Colin and his wife from the Sanctuary Point Shed arrived with a hot cuppa tea which went down extremely well.

At that point Colin convinced Mike that it may be best if they gave him a lift to Batemans Bay and Mike accepted.

It was here that he took advantage of the services provided by St John's Ambulance and had his knee attended to.

Mike is going to spend a couple of days in Batemans Bay as he would just like the opportunity to unwind a little.

Since arriving in Newcastle for the AMSA Conference it has been a bit full on for Mike, always something happening and not much time to sit back and recharge the batteries.

Here in Batemans Bay is the ideal place to take time out and rid himself of any stress that may have been creeping up on him.

There is one thing about stress and that is the fact that it has an effect before you realise it and if you don’t take remedial action it can be debilitating.

Mike will be looking for a caravan park that can provide him with a dry area to erect his tent. There has been a lot of rain in the area and most likely more to come.

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