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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart


Mike is currently in Narooma North trying to dry out.

Last night it rained all night and also during the day. It must get a bit depressing spending all night and day in wet clothes and pushing a trolley just for good measure.

Tonight he is shouting himself a little luxury and is staying in a Motel.

The Motel owner offered Mike the room for nothing but Mike insisted he pay something and they settled on an amount.

As if the weather was not enough to contend with, he dropped his phone and cracked the glass.

And if you think that is the end of it-Mike then dropped the phone in water.

After drying it out he can still use it but the dial isn’t all that clear which limits him utilising maps and locating caravan parks.

He is captivated by the countryside which is a rainforest with all the ferns growing wild and the thick undergrowth.

I guess with the rain at the moment you would expect it to be like a rainforest.

Hopefully he might get some help drying his clothes and get a good nights rest.

Unfortunately the weather for tomorrow is not promising but he said he will probably push on in spite of it.

I think he may want to delay his start tomorrow to allow him to stock up on supplies.


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