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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart


Mike left Narooma at about 6:00 am after a good nights rest in the “For Sale” motel, sleeping on the carpet.

Whilst the rain may have kept up all night, Mike was dry.

He arrived at a small town called Tilba Tilba and enjoyed the outlook of the place. When you look at the website you can see why it is appealing.

At that point he had to decide if he should continue on the Prince Highway or take the Coast Road and head towards Bermagui a distance of about 17 km.

I told Mike that there was nothing between his location and a town called Cobargo, about a 4 hour walk on the Princes Highway.

At this time it was still raining so Mike opted for Bermagui.When is going to stop raining in the area!

Before he arrives at Bermagui there is a holiday resort called Wallaga Lake where he is bound to get somewhere dry.It is only about 9 km away.

At least on the Coast Road he is likely to find some places to rest and replenish his food and water so lets hope he sticks to it.


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