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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart

Mike arrived in Bega and needed to do some washing so he asked a couple of ladies where the nearest Laundromat would be.

He explained why he was walking and after some conversation they directed Mike to the Laundromat.

They also called Eric Myers from the Bega Mens Shed who caught up with Mike.

Eric took Mike on a tour of Bega and helped him do some shopping.

They then went to a caravan park where, with Eric’s help, they negotiated a fee for Mike’s overnight stay.

Next morning Mike met up with the guys from Bega Shed and spent some time with them(see photos)

Very enjoyable but he never left there until after 2:00 pm.

Speaking to Mike at about 3:00 pm he said that they weather was a little threatening.

By about 4:00 pm the storms had arrived and it was time to look for somewhere safe to ride it out.

The tent was actually lifted off the ground with Mike in it and he had to shift all his weight to the front to prevent it happening(see photo)

Looks like another night of sleeping in the rain.

Next town is Pambula and it can’t come quick enough.

When is this rotten weather going to end?

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