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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart


At about 4:00 pm Mike had another 4-5 km to go before he reached Pambula

There is no doubt that the South Coast of NSW is a beautiful place and it is very popular amongst holidaymakers.

He had the choice of travelling through Merimbula, another beautiful holiday spot but it would have added about 5 km to his day and extra travelling isn’t something he looks forward to at the end of a day.

Mike will have the opportunity to continue drying out his things once he finds somewhere to camp for the night.

At least it will not be by the side of the road.

Last night he suffered a second occurrence of the wind being so strong that it almost lifted him up, tent and all.

Nothing else eventful to report which is only good news and to keep his schedule he will have to have some better weather and luck in travelling.


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