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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart


Mike has covered about 20 km today and that may not seem far but he has had to traverse one hill after another and it would not be much fun trying to hold on to the trolley going down a long hill. Just imagine the pressure on the knees holding it back and Mike with Osteoarthritis in one knee-rather uncomfortable.

A couple on a caravan tour pulled up and invited Mike to join them for a cuppa and he said it was very pleasant sitting in the van, nice and cool and relaxing.

At the time I spoke to him, about 3:45 pm he was about 3 km from Eden, a place sometimes described as beautifully uncivilised.

Weather has been good and hopefully it will remain that way.

He tried to negotiate a fair price for a piece of earth at a caravan park last night, imagine how small it would have to be to accommodate the tent, but the owner would not budge so Mike spent the night on the roadside.


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