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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart


Mike has had an excellent days walking, he has done about 40 km at an average of about 3.5 km per hour.

Amazing when you think he pushes his trolley, sore knee and undulating hills, well done mate.

I think he measures the walking in minutes/ kilometre, more than likely some sort of phone app.

When he stopped yesterday it looked very much like rain so he took a lot of time to set the tent up and yep-you guessed it-NO RAIN.

Should be grateful for small blessing I suppose.

Mike has stopped only twice today for short breathers and has almost arrived at Cann River where he will be stocking up on supplies.

There is also a fresh bread shop in town and Mike will certainly head there.

He has been told that there is a caravan park in town, hope they don’t haggle with Mike about the price.

Not sure if they have an IGA which he will be looking for as well.

Next goal will be Cabbage Tree Creek, some 47 km away


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