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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart


Have not been able to track Mike all day. I have spoken to him and the problem may be a problem on his phone accessing Apple, something to do with his password.

He hasn’t covered a great distance today due to a leg problem, giving him a bit of grief.

It seems the hilly sections are back as well which doesn’t help things at all.

His accommodation at Cann River last night was good, Mike found that the price to stay in the hotel was equivalent to the caravan park so he opted to sleep indoors and why not?

Until he fixes the mobile phone connection I will be in regular touch by phone to check on his progress and to let him know how he is progressing.

The next stop will be Cabbage Tree Creek where there is a Mens Shed.

I have left a message for the shed to contact Mike and if they can offer any assistance it would be appreciated.


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