Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart


Mike decided to bypass Lakes Entrance, (no offence to Lakes Entrance) and went straight to Bairnsdale from his overnight camp.

He will be spending the weekend in Bairnsdale and hopefully a couple of local shedders will catch up with him tomorrow and show him around.

On Monday, as a small diversion to his itinerary, he will be catching a bus to Canberra hopefully to meet up with the Opposition Leader and his Federal Member of Parliament for some discussions.

Next Mens Shed along the way would be Stratford and hopefully Mike will have some time to spend with the shedders.

Sheds along Mike’s route have been or will be advised of his progress and look forward to meeting with him.

Thanks to the President, Phil Keily and Vice President, Lindsay Oates of VMSA for their help in assisting Mike through Victoria.


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