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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart


Mike got an early start from Stratford this morning and the weather looked like it would be good for walking.

On the way out of town he was interviewed by the local ABC Radio and they have promised to send the interview through and when it arrives it will be posted online so you can listen to it.

I believe Mike has shown his gratitude to the support of not only the Sheds along the way but to the Mens Shed movement in general.

Next stop would be Sale about 22 km away.

Mike arrived late morning just in time for some refreshments.

He did say that the shedders had a piece of cake but he indulged in a few pieces and why not, after all he is the guest for the morning.

After that it was time to waddle off and try to get rid of the additional kilos gained.

Next stop, Rosedale Mens Shed, about 27 km away.

After travelling to Sale this morning Mike expects to reach Rosedale about mid morning tomorrow so it might be another big morning tea


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