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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart


At 4:10 pm Mike is about to leave Moe heading to Trafalgar which is 11 km away but he has still time to make it.

He has covered quite a distance today and if he reaches Trafalgar that will be 38 km, probably one of the best days walking for a while.

He stayed in Traralgon last night and how he came to stay in the caravan park he did is quite strange.

During the day he was speaking to a young man, about 18, who wore a supermarket badge and looked like he was heading to work.

As the day was drawing to a close Mike came across a Caravan Park and the fee was $39 and Mike, quite rightly, decided that was a bit rich.

He continued until he came upon the third and last park, went to book in and was told his fee had been paid.

It was paid by the young man Mike had spoken to earlier that day.

The arrangement between the Park and the young man was that if Mike didn’t book in, his money would be refunded.

He is invariably pulled up and spoken to during the day and one woman today was almost beside herself when she discovered Mike.

She has been following his journey on a regular basis by listening to Australia All Over on the ABC.

Mike almost felt as though he was being stalked, quite a good feeling for an old fart.

The idea of utilising train travel is looking appealing to Mike.

He has several family members to see as he passes through and the more time he can spend with them the better.

The motorways and freeways do not lend themselves to pedestrians and using other roads will take much of Mike’s time.

If he continues walking the next stop will be Warragul or Drouin and I have been advised that the Drouin Shed is keen to meet up with Mike.


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