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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart


Mike left Nilma this morning on the way to Drouin Mens Shed where the shedders were eagerly awaiting his arrival as they had been for several days.

Unfortunately he didn’t make it to the shed although he met up with some of them. The roads from here to Melbourne are not conducive to anyone walking and this was discussed with Mike.

The Victorian Authorities place a lot of restrictions on where and when people are allowed to walk on Motorways and when roadwork's are taking place it becomes a lot more hazardous.

Apparently there are roadwork's along the alternative route also and Mike was convinced, albeit reluctantly, to catch a train for the remainder of his journey to Melbourne.Not a happy chappie.

The main reason he did not visit the Shed was that he only had time to catch the last train that could cater for his trolley.

Abandoning the last part of his walk is not all bad for Mike. Al least he will have plenty of time to visit family in Melbourne and he also wants to visit the supplier of his trolley to have it checked over.

At the moment Mike is relaxing in first class on the train and making phone calls to family in Melbourne.

From Melbourne Mike will be joining his wife in Hobart and early New Year he will resume his walk and we will be re-joining him until he reaches Perth.

You can follow Mike on his Facebook page or email him at The most heartening thing is that he has made it to this part of his journey safe and sound which has been the point of the exercise.

My thanks to all the Shedders, NSW and Vic. who offered Mike some assistance during his journey, it just goes to prove that the philosophy of ‘Shoulder to Shoulder” is alive and well.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Shedders all the best for the Christmas Season and hope that the New Year brings you all that you may hope for.

Don’t forget that if you intend to drive during this festive period-drive on the footpath as most accidents happen on the roads.


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