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Mike Pauly, Newcastle to Hobart


Had a difficult time trying to contact Mike this afternoon and no wonder.

He was on the phone talking to each one of his walking group-all 14 of them.

I hope they rang Mike and not the other way around otherwise Mike will have one of those “bill shocks”.

Last night he camped about 10 metres off the Highway, just to get away from traffic noise and some time after he fell asleep he was woken by a woman yelling at him.

Wanting to know if he was aware he was on private property.

Well Mike advised her he was not aware of this fact and if she wished, he would relocate but she said that was not necessary.

Reminded me of the characters in TV show “To the Manor Born”

Did she think Mike was taking up too much space of her extensive acreage, maybe he was polluting the grass he was sleeping on.

Mike, forever the gentleman and pushing aside what he was really thinking, thanked her and bid her good night but that incident totally interrupted his nights rest.

Once again another night on the roadside as the towns are few and far between on this section of the Highway.


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