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Mike Pauly, Melbourne to Perth

Mike is back to trudging the highways once again.

He has enjoyed his stay in Mount Gambier and thanks to the Mens Shed members for making Mike welcome.

Among other people he met was the top man from the local police service who gave Mike an armful of fruit.

Here are Mikes comments taken from his Facebook page-

"Had a good stay in Mount Gambier met many guys from the MensShed and stayed with Peter and Lorraine. Went to visit Trevor Twilley who arranged for me to have an abundance of fruit and bread. Trevor is the Southeast Superintendent of the Police force and a great bloke. He and his partner are doing amazing things for animal rescue. Others I met were David, Brian, Peter &Chris Heness and the President of the MG Menshed Arthur Smith. Great work on building their shed."

This morning Mike collected his radio which had been sent from Melbourne.

For those who are wondering how he runs a phone and radio without power you would need to see his trolley.

It contains a photoelectric cell strapped to the top so that he can charge his batteries-photo attached.

His delayed start this morning, leaving at about 10:00 am, means he will not reach the next town Tarpeena by nightfall.

Road conditions are good, travelling on the Riddoch Highway, the only drawback is that it is rather wet so he shelters occasionally under some trees.



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