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Mike Pauly, Melbourne to Perth


Mike has been travelling OK today and is now about 18 KM from Penola.

I think it unlikely that he will continue in to Penola today but he has made me look a bit foolish before when I make these statements.

Maybe it is the independent streak in him.

The Penola Mens Shedders are expecting him and it is their Shed day so a good rollup is expected to greet Mike.

While I was talking to him this afternoon we were interrupted by a lady giving him a cold bottle of water, a godsend on such a hot day.

This sort of thing is not an uncommon event from complete strangers.

Next stage of the journey will be to Naracoorte, about 50 km form Penola.

Mike had an interview with the Border Watch newspaper, covering the Mount Gambier district, and a copy of that article will be sent to me tomorrow and hopefully in time for the next email.



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