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Mike Pauly, Melbourne to Perth


Mike has had a slow start out of Penola today and is about 13 km out of town.

His location is in the middle of the Coonawarra wine area and there are Grape vines on each side of the road.

With a 50 km trip to Naracoorte he is looking at a couple of days on the road.

He enjoyed his stay in Penola, with a BBQ in his honour, a game of scrabble with his hosts wife then watching some cricket later in the evening with his host.

I am sure everyone enjoyed Mike’s company which is the main thing.

It would be nice if he could indulge in this sort of hospitality every time he encounters a Mens Shed but that would surely put a dampener on his schedule.

I will contact the Shed at Naracoorte and let them know about Mike’s arrival.



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