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Mike Pauly, Melbourne to Perth


Mike now has his phone working again.

He spent some time with technical support from Apple and they were very helpful.

They apparently recovered a lot of emails he didn’t know he had and I am reluctant to say how many because I didn’t think anyone could collect that amount.

All I can say is that it will take many sleepness nights for him to get through them all.

Last night he indulged in a beer and a meal at the Willalooka Tavern

When you see it’s location you wonder how it survives but Mike assures me that there was a good crowd last night (Wednesday) and that it is a regular gathering of local farmers.

His travels started at 5:20 this morning and it has been rough going in the heat.

Lots of stops whenever a shady spot is available.

He is currently here about 13 km from Keith.

This is the view that Mike is seeing as he walks the Highway towards Keith.

If he makes it to Keith tonight he will stay in the caravan park which will allow him to catch up on some washing.

A newspaper has asked Mike for his schedule as they want to arrange for the papers in their group to meet with Mike as he passes through each town and do a story.

We should be careful here because Mike could finish up a legend in his own lifetime.



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