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Mike Pauly, Melbourne to Perth


Well Mike had all the intentions of reaching Tailem Bend yesterday but the weather was not what you would describe as being favourable.

It was wet and windy and when a truck, approaching him, went past it was like walking into a brick wall.

It wasn’t a hard decision to make that enough is enough so he found a place to camp and Tailem Bend could wait.

todays weather has been no better so it was a slow trip into town.

At this stage all Mikes washing has been done and he is looking for the Tailem Bend Information Centre to locate a caravan park.

He has received calls from the media wanting to know if he is going through Murray Bridge, they would like an interview.

Murray Bridge was not on the schedule as it adds to the distance of the trip.

His plan is to catch the ferry to Wellington and then on to Strathalbyn.

We all know that plans are like rules-they are meant to be changed or broken so we will wait and see.



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