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Mike Pauly, Melbourne to Perth


Mike is approaching Langhorne Creek a popular wine region.

His trip from Wellington to Langhorne Creek will be about 33 km which is not bad as the road is narrow only has one lane each way.

As vehicles pass, he has to move to one side to ensure he does not get wiped out.

He will decide if he stays in Langhorne Creek overnight when he gets there.

Hopefully he can obtain a cup of tea at the Bridge Hotel which is more than likely as it appears to be a family focused business.

Tomorrow he will be at Strathalbyn but will not be staying long.

This is where he will stock up for the next leg towards Mount Barker.

As an aside, I have been told that as a direct result of Mikes visits to Sheds, some of them introducing Health Programs and in one case a Shed is considering introducing a walking group.

It would appear that Mike may be leaving a legacy in his wake.



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