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Mike Pauly, Melbourne to Perth


Mike had a stopover in Heywood last night, the local Mens Shed providing motel accommodation and a big thanks to them for that.

In an effort to repay their hospitality, Mike gave a talk during the evening to the local Ambulance Service, Apex and the Mens Shed and he was well received.

After that he went back to the motel and watched some sport until all hours of the night consequently he had a late start this morning.

When speaking to him this afternoon he was about 25 km from Dartmoor a small rural township nestled in the southwest corner of Victoria.

He is still having some leg problems which is slowing his progress somewhat, some doubt as to him reaching Dartmoor tonight.

From Dartmoor it is on to Mount Gambier then heading towards Naracoorte. At that point he will decide which direction is next.



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