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Mike Pauly, Melbourne to Perth


Mike left Langhorne Creek early yesterday morning hoping for another good days walk.

It wasn’t long before he realised that his trolley was not behaving as it should.

He realised that there were problems that needed immediate attention so he called upon a friend in Adelaide who picked Mike up.

After ordering the required parts Mike realised that he would not be able to leave before this coming Thursday.

It is not as though he could duck down to the nearest bike shop and buy what he needed as the trolley is custom made.

Spending this much time preparing the trolley is not wasted time as his journey from Adelaide across the Nullabor will require both Mike and the trolley to be in top form.

All Mike has to watch while being hosted by friends is that he doesn’t overindulge and get used to the good life.

I will be in touch with Mike over the next few days to check on his progress.

Apologies to any Shed’s who were anticipating a visit from Mike. Not sure if this delay will change the route Mike planned or not.

We shall wait and see.



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