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Mike Pauly, Melbourne to Perth


Today Mike spent some time in Port Fairy, having spent some time there during his working life.

He approached a Caravan Park about an unpowered site for the night and explained what his mission was all about and was told that the site could be reduced from $50 to $20.

Mike explained that he couldn’t even afford the $20 so they gave it to him for nothing.

I don’t know if Mike has a sales background but I think he did job on them.

He didn’t head out of town until about 11:30 am so that will put his travelling back somewhat.

His pace is a bit slow as his leg is giving him some trouble.

He received a visit from two members of the Heywood Mens Shed who walked with him for about an hour and have offered Mike accommodation at a motel for one night during the week.

He will continue to Portland then to Heywood and the Heywood Members have even offered to come and pick Mike up if he wishes. He is currently about 5.5 km from a town called Yambuk where the only accommodation appears to be Backpackers if he chooses to stay there.


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