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Mike Pauly, Adelaide to Perth


When the AMSA-SA President, Bryce Routley, received the email yesterday he immediately recognised the road Mike was on and it was only with a couple of kilometres from where he lives.

He rang Mike and went to pick him up which was timely because Mike had another flat tyre.

After indulging in coffee and some wedding cake(Bryce’s daughter recently married) they attacked the flat tyre and mended it.

Bryce then drove Mike to a section of road which was suitable for walking and Mike camped at a caravan park so he could get an early start this morning.

Thanks Bryce for your assistance.

Mike is currently heading for the small town of Two Wells about 40 km north of Adelaide and has about 4 km to go.

The road he is on, Port Wakefield Road looks good for walking, well to someone who hasn’t done as much walking as Mike, it looks good.

About 16 km travelled today which is not a lot but that includes several rests to give the legs a break.

Next goal would be Dublin, and no it is not the Irish one.


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