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Mike Pauly, Adelaide to Perth


Mike arrived in Port Wakefield just before lunchtime today and not beforetime.

He was starting to feel very tired and as soon as he checked into the Port Wakefield Caravan Park, which I might add he managed to score a free night, he had some shuteye.

Next task is to stock up on supplies for the trip to Port Augusta.He checked the list of work carried out on the trolley recently and it was quite extensive and that gives him some confidence for the trip ahead.

He hopes to be ordering a spare wheel, just in case, and arranging it so that he can pick it up in Port Augusta.

The rest of today will be spent trying to cull the load in the trolley as it is important that the load be kept to a minimum.

Tomorrow morning he has an interview with a reporter from the Country Times and they have promised to send us a copy of the interview.

After that he will try to catch up with the local Mens Shed for a quiet cuppa.

Then it is back on the open road again heading to Port Augusta.


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