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Mike Pauly, Adelaide to Perth

Mike finally left Port Pirie, although a little late, and would you believe it-he got a flat tyre

If only it was as simple as changing a tyre on a bike.

He has to unload a lot of stuff and this all takes time.

It is very hot at the moment and the forecast showing it to be about 40+ over the next couple of days.

He has stocked up and has plenty of water which is good but it adds a lot of weight to be pushed.

At least he has rested while in Port Pirie and had the chance to work on the trolley at the Mens Shed.

As usual, the road consists of wide open spaces except here there are Flinders Ranges in the background.

There do not appear to be any towns on the Highway between Port Pirie and Port Augusta with one exception, Port Germein , being off the Highway slightly and about 27 km from Port Pirie.

This might be a good place to refresh.


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