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Mike Pauly, Adelaide to Perth


Well it seems that Mike decided that walking in the cool of the evening was the best way to travel.

Yesterday he walked until almost 11:45 pm which meant he was at it for about 17 hours.

During that time he tried to get some sleep but not much luck on that front.

During the night the Police stopped off and gave Mike 3 litres of cool water. 1 1/2 litres were gone in no time.

Distance covered for the day-about 25 km which is taking it easy considering the heat.

He started again at about 7:30 am this morning, taking several breaks along the way.

He is now about 27 km from Port Augusta and the water he has is too hot to drink.

At lunchtime he thought he would take advantage of the only shade in sight. What a relief to get out of the sun.

With no end in sight to the high temperature Mike has decided that he might try to get some rest while the shade is still with him.

I told him that I would call at about 4:00 pm but it seems he is still under the tree so I won’t disturb him, let him rest.


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