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Mike Pauly, Adelaide to Perth

I spoke to Mike later in the day and things had not improved.

He was down to his last 1/2 litre of water and sipping little bits because it(both the water and air) was so hot-42 degrees.

At this stage Mike was about 25 km out of Port Augusta.

Unfortunately it was too late to contact the Mens Shed for help so it became a case of "Thank God for the Salvo's"

Two Angels from the Salvos, Shelley and Kelly, headed out to greet Mike armed with a big bottle of chilled water(see attached photo).

I think Mike may have felt like all his birthdays had come at once.

The girls bundled Mike and his trolley into the ute and headed back into town.

They arranged for a room at the BP Roadhouse where Mike could shower and get a good nights sleep.

Today, among other things, Mike paid the girls a visit to thank them for their help.

They also gave Mike some help with the trolley and suggested that he spend at least a few days in Port Augusta to ensure that he was up to the rest of the trip.

Oh and don’t forget the taxi voucher they offered but Mike chose to walk around town.

Mike has had some steering issues with the trolley and to alleviate them during the trip he utilised what has always been referred to as a “fine adjusting tool”-a hammer.

And it did the trick but I think that further work may be necessary.

While Mike is in town he will be staying at the Shoreline Caravan Park.


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