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Mike Pauly, Adelaide to Perth


Mike has covered about 25 km today and the conditions have been on his side for a change.

Late yesterday he called into Nuttbush Retreat for a cuppa and to replenish water supply.

After he left he realised that he had left his foldup chair. Now this is a vital piece of equipment because just imagine you pull up on the side of the road after you have eventually found some shade.

It is over 40 degrees and you need some rest.Without the foldup chair-what do you sit on, a rock. Sorry it has been in the sun and is too hot or it has a pointy end and it is pointing up.

Now it can be seen how important the chair is.

Mike rang the Nuttbush and asked if they could send it on to Iron Knob and the boss of Nuttbush, Kevin, dropped it off to Mike.

He has now reached Iron Knob, which was once a mining town but when BHP had finished it was a case of thanks very much but see you later.

Even the local hotel closed under strange circumstances.

Here, at the camping ground Mike will spend the night and hopefully, after some rest, get an early start.


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