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Mike Pauly, Adelaide to Perth

Mike made it to the Hospital before closing and the Doctor attended to his ailments and prescribed some antibiotics for him.

It must be realised that there is only one Doctor in town and he has to attend the hospitals needs as well.

He is feeling better today which indicates the antibiotics are working.

Today Mike just lazed around the town of the Big Galah to give the medication time to work and for him to recuperate as yesterdays effort had taken it’s toll.

He intends leaving at about 5:00 pm and walking in the cool of the evening as it is about 34 degrees at the moment.

As he was entering Kimba yesterday he came across a Chinese cyclist heading to Port Augusta-photo above.

The cyclist made Mike a cuppa and told him that he has been cycling for 19 years and has travelled through 147 countries. Mike would have loved to chat further but had to get to the hospital.


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