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Mike Pauly, Adelaide to Perth


Since leaving Kimba, Mike has covered about 65 km and 40 km of that was done yesterday.

He walked well into the night taking advantage of the cool weather.

What he didn’t expect was to get drenched after he bedded down for the night.

His phone started playing up again today and maybe it can be put down to the weather but it is becoming a bit of a worry.

Working OK now so he hopes it keeps going that way. He keeps looking for a Telstra Shop out there but hasn’t come across one yet.

He is currently 25 km from Kyancutta a small wheatbelt town and has come across a deserted farmhouse which caters for the traveller. There is no cost and there are instructions on where to find local facilities, instructions on how to use the generator.

Rather bizarre thing but it is so handy at this time as a storm is about to hit and Mike needs to dry things out after last nights drenching.

With about 25 km to Kyancutta it should be a comfortable walk, dependant on the weather of course, but hopefully he will be able to stock up with supplies and get another good nights rest before he heads out into the wilderness again

Alternatively (plan 2) he might press on to Wudinna, about 14 km from Kyancutta.

Far be it for me to forecast what might happen, after all he is there and I am sitting in a comfortable chair.


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