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Mike Pauly, the road home


Mike decided to stay overnight at the Nullabor Roadhouse and why wouldn’t he.

It turned out that he knew the Managers from another Roadhouse on a previous walk and they offered him a room for the night.

Apart from the room, there was also an offer of some food supplies that are not available for sale at the shop.

Of course, staying in a comfortable room comes with television which Mike took advantage of until the late hours so consequently there was some missed sleep.

He eventually left at about noon today and is currently about 12 km from the Roadhouse.

There is a parking bay about 5.5 km ahead where he might camp for the night. It is the only place for some distance where he can camp away from the roadway.

One of the problems he is facing is the flies, they are covering him. I suggested that he put them in harness and they could pull the trolley for him.

He is also encountering strong westerly winds which makes for hard work pushing the trolley.


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