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Mike Pauly, the road home


Late yesterday, Mike had a call from someone who has been following his travels and offered to pay for Mike’s accommodation, meals etc. during his overnight stay in Border Village.

Mike was amazed that this offer came from out of the blue and after his four day walk in the wilderness, gladly accepted.

He has had the chance to stock up and left Border Village at about 1:30 local time (3:45 AEDT), the time difference gets confusing from here on as it is changes incrementally, the closer you get to Perth.

About 12 away is Eucla where services are limited and after that it is a long way between watering holes so another top up in supplies may be warranted.

During Mike’s travels through South Australia he called in to the Penola Men's Shed and one of the shedders put Mike up for the night.

Today the shedder rang to inquire about Mikes welfare and Mike is grateful for the call.


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