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Mike Pauly, the road home


Mike left Eucla this morning at about 7:30 (all times quoted will be AEDT-that way I don’t make a mistake converting) and has covered about 15 km.

Not pushing himself today as he is not sure what happened to his quota of today’s motivation. I think maybe a bit of lethargy.

Or maybe the real reason is the quantity of Easter eggs consumed and still counting.

At the moment he is at a rest area and is contemplating if he should he continue and I think he will push a bit further today.

The shedder who inquired about Mike yesterday received a call from Mike today. Mike stayed at the shedders home and was introduced to the family.

Apparently one of the granddaughters is a very clever pianist and has taught her grandmother to play-congratulations to both of them.

Apart from that all is quiet on the western front and each step puts Mike closer to home.


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