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Mike Pauly, the road home


On Sunday night Mike camped near the small town of Bullabulling, population of about 160, whose main feature is the Rock Tavern

The next morning he headed off and got here when he suffered two flat tyres within a short distance.

Now you would have to be unlucky to have two tyres go flat and he wondered what he could do.

Sitting on the side of the road feeling dejected, a car pulled up with three Japanese tourists who offered him a lift.

Even to Perth if that’s what he wanted but as far as Southern Cross would be fine.

Here he had the two punctures repaired and decided to spend the day at Southern Cross.

He decided to look up the Yilgarn Mens Shed. We had to chase around for a phone number, thanks Melissa from AMSA, and Mike rang and waited for a response but at last contact with him there was no reply.

He will be heading out today with Merredin the next stop


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